Thursday, December 19, 2013

Baby Odegard's Triangle Quilt

The very first project I started when we found out that Baby O is a girl was her quilt. I've been dreaming of the day I could do this for a long long long time. I pinned the pattern over on my then secret baby Pinterest board years ago in hopes that some day I could make it for our first little one.

I've had lots of questions about what pattern I used and fabric colors as I shared the progress over on Instagram, so I thought I'd do a little post to share with you all. *If you don't want all the details then you can skip over most of this and just enjoy the pretty colors!

I used this free quilt pattern from See Kate Sew. It was wonderfully simple and complete so I'm not really going to go into detail about how I put it together, but if you are curious hop over to Kate's blog to read more.When I was planning the colors I used Photoshop to just drop my color choices over Kate's pattern. It was nice to see it come together a bit before I purchased all the materials.

All the top solid fabrics are Kona 100% cotton. I prewashed all my fabrics before I began sewing and I think it really helped my quilt lay flat when it was done. The colors are: Bahama Blue, Mustard, Baby Pink, Melon, Camellia Pink, and White. The backing of the quilt is Pimatex Basics in White Mini Dot. I'm sure many mom's are shaking their head at me for choosing a mostly white backing on this quilt, but I'm just too in love with it to care that it will likely get spit up, poo, food, dirt, and what-have-you on it. I want this quilt to be well used and well loved and I fully accept that it's going to get dirty from use.

The quilt is lined with Pellon 100% natural cotton batting. I bought 1.5 yards of the 90" wide stuff and it work perfectly to do a double layer. I love the weight and warmth this created.

I was seriously dreading attaching the quilt binding. The front was machine stitched and then I hand stitched the back side. The hand stitching is where I had previously always rushed / skipped / cheated when quilt making, but this time was different. I took my time and actually enjoyed it. Each stitch gave me time to think and pray about the little girl I am bringing into this world. It gave me time to make dreams for her and love her more deeply. I remember reading other people talk about their enjoyment of this final step, and to be honest I never agreed with them. I never "got it". But now I do and I'm so grateful for that.

I'm so happy every time I look at my creation, and I can't wait to show it to Baby O!


  1. A beautiful quilt! Love the pattern and colors, and most of all the polka dots on the back!

  2. I didn't know you were expecting! Woohoo!!!! Congratulations! I'm so excited for you two!!!!!!

    1. Thanks Lulu! We can hardly believe she will be here in just about a month!


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